Terms and Conditions

This site (The “Website”) is operated by Local Football Clubs, a company registered in England and Wales whose registered address is at 299B Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 6AH. All references “our”, “us” or “we” shall be understood to reference Local Football Clubs. All references relating to either “you”¬† or “your club” will be understood to be users of the Site.

Our terms of this website can be changed at any time without giving prior consent.


In order for the Terms and Conditions to apply to any Client, it is not necessary to have signed any paperwork for these terms to apply. If any Client accepts a package on this website, then the client would have satisfied themselves as to accepting the terms and condition in full.

We would advise all Clients to read our full Terms and Conditions to make sure they’re totally understood. If a Client accepts to use or purchase our services, this implies that the Client has fully read and accepted the terms of www.localfootballclubs.co.uk .

We have provided Documents and video’s on www.localfootballclubs.co.uk which has been provided or written by a third party. Please note that these materials have been provided for information purposes only in the subject of grassroots football and how it’s run. ¬†


Once you decide to choose a package for your club, you will be invoiced for 50% cost of the website package. Work will commence once we have cleared funds in our bank account. The remaining 50% will be invoiced when the Website is finished and ready to go live upon your approval.

The deposit only becomes refundable if the work has not begun. For extra’s and updates, a deposit of such works may vary, this depends on the cost of the amendments. If for any reason you’re not happy with the terms of service provided, we will agree with you to refund you less the time spent for our time.


Local Football Clubs provide links which are hypertext to other sites, operated by other people. If you use these links, you will be leaving our site of which we offer no responsibility of guarantees or representation in relation to linked sites.

Our Liability

Local Football Clubs offer information on this website which is free of any access charges. The information that we provide is provided on this website is shown so on the basis that there is no liability for the information we give. We do not accept any liability or offer warranties to the extent permitted by law for material provided on this website.

The resources documents and video’s on the website is provided for information purposes only, it should not be relied upon from your club making or refrain from making decisions. This information is intended¬† to give an oversight of Grassroots Football in the United Kingdom. This information may differ depending on the Grassroots level, time of reading, FA County or League restrictions and additions to rule of law.¬†

The information resources are provided to be solely used for educational purposes only. These documents are not to be sold  or distributed for financial gain without prior consent of the Author. 


A final payment invoice will be provided for the website before the site is live. Our invoice terms will be provided through email, but a hard copy can be provided if required. Payment for any invoice is due upon receipt. Accounts that are unpaid for thirty days will incur an administration charge, of £60.


If you supply Local Football Clubs with images or photographs, they should be in a digital format. These images should be no smaller than 1024 to 768 pixels at a suitable resolution. Having a high resolution image or photograph will allow us to resize it whilst keeping the high quality of the image. All images provide the best onscreen image, when taken in the landscape mode.

If you ask us to provide images for your club, please note that they will be stock images which may be charged at additional costs to you. Please make sure you’ve supplied any images¬† to us that are owned by you or your club

You will indemnify and also defend Local Football Clubs from any liability¬† (Including Court Costs or Solicitors Fees) arising from or or including any type of claim or lawsuit arising from the use of any copyrighted material that you’ve provided for your website.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting  is paid for annually in advance. You must notify us in advance by email only if you wish to cancel. No refunds will be provided if the hosting service is cancelled during the year. If a website hosting invoice is not paid within one week of the invoice, the website will become suspended. This can eventually be rectified once payment is made in full.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is usually part of all the website packages that we supply for the first year. This includes making backups, keeping software up to date and  maintenance of the server. Updating images and content is chargeable after the website is complete.

You can update images and content yourself if you’re fluent with the CMS (Content Management System) provided for your website. Once the website is complete, updates are chargeable at ¬£35 an hour by Local Football Clubs.