Safeguarding is an important part of grassroots football. The welfare officer has a very important role to play, in grassroots football clubs. 

Safeguarding in Youth Football and the rules surrounding coaching and the support of club staff.

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Safeguarding Children The Football Association take concerns of safeguarding seriously. You can find many resources regarding safeguarding and the rules, good practice, regulations, procedures and policies. All courses provided  for safeguarding are centered around children and focused on football. These courses are first and foremost engaging, relevant and designed to help all learners in football to confidently approach this subject CRC checks are a cumpulsory part of grassroots football. They are used to confirm that adults who would like to work with children, can do so without putting children at any risk. The FA have many courses for safeguarding, which is part of a few different courses provided by the FA. The courses that are on offer are basically suitable for all who want to get involved in the safety of children in grassroots football. On the recommendation of the FA, it is compulsory that everyone who works in football with under 18’s must reapply for a new safeguarding certificate every three years. All coaches who work with under 18 players must resit this course to obtain a new certificate. This applies to Coaches licensed by the FA as well as club members and also in Charter Standard clubs. Re-certification can be completed in two different ways. This can either be by an online course which is free where the  user can work at their own pace or by re-attending a safeguarding children workshop.

Safeguarding Children

There are many forms of safeguarding in football. Its a duty of care for everyone closely associated with the teams to look out for the signs and signals of abuse in children.

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