Referees have a hard job to do, but it’s enjoyable. They sometimes make a few mistakes which outweigh how well they have managed a game. They usually show fairness and impartiality to make the game more exciting with excellent officiating. The referee has an important role in upholding the laws of the game.¬†

If you’d like to become a referee at your local football club or in the premier league, you have to start at grassroots level. There are many different stages to achieve different refereeing levels. This will start from refereeing 5 A-side, 7 A-side, 9 A-side and to a complete team of 11 A-side or ages above 11+.

Kent Referees In Grassroots football, all referees are marked by team coaches. Marking referees helps to aid their development in the game and also allows them to gain hands on experience. The experience of the referee is gained by constant officiating. When marking a referee and placing comments on a report card of the game, respect for the referee is paramount.¬†Sometimes games are fast and in a split second just the pressure on a referee could make his decisions clouded. If a decision isn’t to your liking, no abuse should be levelled at the referee or their assistants, with either sarcastic comments, abusive language or any forms of intimidation. Referees will always report abusive language to their league secretary, this could result in teams getting fined.¬†Referees are trained individuals, who know the rules of law regarding football. You may not agree with the decisions that the referee makes but please show restraint from abuse. This doesn’t give you or any other person associated with your club the right to abuse any of the officials if the decision is not to your liking. Marking Grassroots Referees There is plenty of help and support for referees at grassroots level. 

Referee Course Content

Referee Course Content Assessment of Knowledge FA CRC and Safeguarding Children in Football Fouls and Misconduct Misconduct report writing Practical Skills, Attributes and Theory

Referee Course Pre-requisites

Requirements of all Candidates  Minimum age requirement of 14 Years FA Safeguarding course for all over the age of 18¬†The FA Child Protection course for Under 18’s (Safeguarding) Must hold a current CRC FA approved Certificate Candidates without the above can show proof of the learning program

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